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Definition: A colorist is a professional who specializes in adding color to digital media or physical artwork, such as illustrations, comics, or photographs. Their role involves selecting and applying color palettes, creating shading and highlighting, and ensuring that the overall color scheme is consistent and aesthetically pleasing. Colorists use digital tools such as color grading software to enhance the visual appeal and convey mood, tone, and emotion in the artwork. The work of a colorist is crucial in bringing the artwork to life and helping to communicate its intended message.

Enjoy some screen grabs from some of my projects! These were all shot and color-graded by me.


Don't get stuck with post-production.

Why is it important?

Colorists are essential members of a video or film production team because they are responsible for adding the final touch of the visual experience to the project. Their adjustments to the color and tone of the images create a cohesive look and feel throughout the project. This process, known as color grading, is a crucial step in post-production that can significantly impact the final product's mood, emotions, and overall aesthetic.

In short, a colorist's role is to give the footage a consistent look that supports the message and emotion intended. 

Straight out of the cinema camera, a video doesn't look as expected. It is dull, flat, uninteresting, and packed with information. Here is a quick example of before and after a color grade.

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